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  • start your daily social surfing
  • feel free to add to the 'feed' by updating pages or creating new ones, in the same way any wiki works
  • in a way everything is 'social', but we are focusing on the traditional meaning of 'social media'
  • so, posting links to relevant social media posts would be preferred, rather than links to 'ordinary' media, like huffpost, or nytimes, etc.


Keep this section limited to the most mindbending new posts, like when/if they ever find that missing plane, for example.  Link to internal wiki page here, with small thumbnail image, or equivalent.


I'd like to be able to include windows, in a 3-column format, that have feeds of the most popular posts from each social media, as in 'trending', viral, etc. Each mini-window should be scrollable with its own content. TBD.

  • each user should be able to have the same thing on their own pages, with views of their personal 'feeds', rather than the treding feeds available here.

For now, here is a table that can include posts linking to internal wiki pages that in turn link to relevant social media pages

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